How to fill Your Croco Bean Bags

Filling your Croco does not have to take hours, Our team created the easiest way to fill your new bean bag cover with a minimum amount of fuss and mess. 


Instruction 1 For Bean Bag Chairs with mesh funnel system

Step 1 - Choose a location and make sure there is no breeze in the room, turn off fans, close windows.

Step 2 - Person one use Croco safety locking tool to open the zip of both your bean bag and the mesh bag (small pocket). Connect the zip between bean bag and mesh bag (small pocket).

Step 3 - Open the zip on the other side of mesh bag (large pocket). Person two can then simply pour the bean inside the white mesh bag.

Step 4 - You may need to stop pouring in between and shake your bean bag to ensure beans are dispersed evenly to the back of the seat. The internal structure design might try to stop you doing so, don't be frustrated. It's meant to be like this.

Step 5 - Zip up your mesh bag (both pocket) and bean bag then remove the locking tool. Clean up any beans that have escaped. Polyester balls are a choking hazard to children and pets. 



Instruction 2 Bean Bag without mesh funnel bag

Step1:One person holds the chair open while the other carefully pours the filling into the chair. Fill the chair in a room with no breeze, so the light filling doesn't blow around and make the procedure more difficult.

Step2: Some zippers have locks to keep the zipper closed. Others have special patches to keep them safe around small children.