February 22, 2018



You might want to ask Croco this question. Is linen a good fabric for Bean Bag Chairs? The answer is quite positive.

  • Linen is reasonably hard-wearing and washable

Linen fabric is one of the strongest, most durable fabrics available since ancient times. And the factual fact, it’s about three times as strong as cotton. 

  • Linen is amazingly Comfortable

Fabric coverings like linen can be much more comfortable than leather or vinyl. These materials can sometimes feel cold to the touch and sometimes too sticky. Many prefer the soft fabric of linen materials. Linen makes the bean bagsmore welcoming and inviting. It just waits for you to come and sink into its soft surface and find your comfy spot.
This fabric has been crafted intentionally to include variations in weave, slubs, and texture. These characteristics are part of what makes this fabric unique and desirable.

Linen fabric has this good looks and luxurious appearance which adds to the stylish atmosphere in your room.  A sleek and clean design enables this piece to suit both vintage and modern decor tastes. Woven to look like linen, the fabric upholstery is both comforting and tasteful.
You can use Croco Bean Bagsdesign to every room with a touch of difference. Today there are so many different selections available to match every room style and décor. Be daring, put your heart in your home, create warm spaces that put your family and friends at ease.

All these properties combined make linen fabrics the best option for anyone looking for durable, comfortable, beautiful and eco-friendly bean bags options for your home!