February 13, 2018

Bean bags have so far become a place to sit and relax at home, in the office and along the beach or even sports bars. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different bean bag options, from just simple bean bags to lounge set, made of different types of fabrics and contemporary designs. As bean bags are so comfortable and versatile, so that they become a must - have house hold item.


Deliver Comfort and Relaxation

  • Bean bag chairs and bean bag lounge can complement any rooms or outside space. They are great for children as they are soft. They are perfect for getting cozy while playing video games or watching TV as they allow your body to relax while providing support as they conform to your shape. Pets often use bean bags as a bed which sometimes can be a problem as they always want to share it with you. Bean bags also come in handy when you have guests over for parties. The outer material designs are available in fabrics and materials that are soft and fuzzy or ones that wipe clean to accommodate for kids and pets.


Liven up your work space

  • Modern offices are quickly aborting the stuffy, overbearing atmosphere for a more relaxing, creative environment, including choosing furniture that follows the trend. Some places provide ergonomic desk chairs while others encourage employees to use provided exercise balls as a seat. Still, nothing can beat a bean bag chair at the office to live up your work space and increase creativity. Bean bag furniture has become a trendy topic in the past few years so that a bean bag chair or couch looks very close to other modern furniture styles, and they provide great back support, meaning guests, clients and employees will be comfortable, which can increase productivity.


  • All leading business’s and companies, including Apple, Google and Samsung are doing the same thing within their organisational employee areas. Following continual research into enhancing workplace productivity, companies are changing the way they do things, creating fun, unique, cool and less formal spaces such as casual meeting spaces, breakout areas, and chill-out areas for their employees to work in, and relax in. These areas are not only great as unique areas for teams to work in; they are also relaxing spaces that foster new ideas and innovations, and flexible spaces to have team meetings. A more unique and flexible approach to employee spaces is proven to increase employee work ethic, job happiness and employee attitudes. CROCO can help companies and businesses create these environments